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Clinical and Experimental Obstetrics & Gynecology  2020, Vol. 47 Issue (1): 1-3    DOI: 10.31083/j.ceog.2020.01.4983
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Large nabothian cyst with chronic pelvic pain: case report and literature review
H.K. Kim1, S.H. Park1, C.J. Kim1, J.Y. Kwon1, J. Namkung1, *()
1Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, College of Medicine, The Catholic University of Korea, Seoul, Republic of Korea
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The authors report a rare case of a large nabothian cyst with chronic pelvic pain in 48-year-old woman. The patient suffered from chronic pelvic pain radiating to the right leg, especially during ambulation. The large cystic mass was found in the cervix. A cystectomy was performed through the vagina. Nabothian cyst was pathologically confirmed and the patient’s pelvic pain improved postoperatively.

Key words:  Nabothian cyst      Chronic pelvic pain      Cervical cysts     
Published:  15 February 2020     
*Corresponding Author(s):  J. Namkung     E-mail:

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H.K. Kim, S.H. Park, C.J. Kim, J.Y. Kwon, J. Namkung. Large nabothian cyst with chronic pelvic pain: case report and literature review. Clinical and Experimental Obstetrics & Gynecology, 2020, 47(1): 1-3.

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Figure 1.  — Transvaginal ultrasound view of a round two-chamber cystic mass on the cervix.

Figure 2.  — Transvaginal ultrasound view of postoperative uterus.

Table 1  Summary of prior case reports
Patient age Symptom Size and location of the cyst Treatment
Janus et al.[18] 56 Menometrorrhagia 4 cm left side of cervix TAH with BSO

Oguri et al. [14]
44 Vaginal bleeding Multiple cysts (5-10mm) Deep conization
38 Vaginal bleeding Multiple cysts (5-25mm) Deep conization
46 No symptom Multiple cysts (5-15mm) Deep conization

Sosnovski et al. [16]


Irregular intermenstrual bleeding
4.2×3.8cm on right side of the cervix,
4.2×3.2 cm on left side of the cervix

Temur et al.[2] 47 Pain and difficulty in defecation 5.6×4.9 cm on the lower lip of the uterine cervix 1st line: cyst removal
2nd line: TAH with BSO

Nigam et al. [3]
21 Prolonged vaginal discharge and third degree cervical descent
4×5 cm

Cystectomy and sling surgery
Vural et al.[4] 38 Obstructing labor passage 4×5 cm Total excision of the cyst
Torky et al. [17] 44 Lower abdominal pain 6.4×6.3 on the posterior lip of the cervix Transvaginal excision of the cyst
Chen et al. [5] 52 Massive abnormal uterine bleeding 4.7×4.3×4.1 cm Simple cervical excision and local drainage
Nassif et al. [6] 44 Dyspareunia and pelvic pain 8 cm on the lateral to the vaginal wall Laparoscopic removal of cyst
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